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Meet The MLA Class of 2020 

Lee profile pic.jpg

Lee Burrell

Lee is passionate about urban ecology and the overlaps it has with social justice. She believes landscape architecture is the profession of the future through which our crisis in humanity and the earth can be holistically tackled. In her spare time, she loves to run on the mountains, play with dogs and take pictures of all things which capture her. She holds a bachelor of landscape architecture from the University of Pretoria, and now a Masters and Honours from UCT.


Hayden Malan

Hayden holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture (Hons), both from the University of Cape Town. A common thread within these studies has been an exploration of desire, distribution and disruption. Among many things he enjoys cycling (hoping never to own a car!) and working with his hands (specifically sculpting with and continuously learning about organic materials).

Kaz profile.png

Kazeka Mbekeni

Kazeka completed a Bachelor in Architectural Studies and Bachelor in Landscape Architecture (Hons) at the University of Cape Town. After completing her undergraduate degree in Architecture, she worked at architectural firm KMH Architects for 2 years before returning to UCT to complete her studies. Kazeka is  interested in the affect that spaces have on people as well as the the ways that spaces can be created to improve mental health. 

Rishqah profile pic.jpg

Rish'qah Ismail

Rish'qah holds a Bachelor in Architecture Studies and Bachelor in Landscape Architecture (Hons) from the University of Cape Town. In 2019 Rish'qah spent 9 months travelling to 17 countries. Understanding different cities' relationships to water triggered memories of home and prompted her thesis journey.

Anele profile pic.jpg

Anele Ndawule

Prior to completing his BLA (Hons) at UCT in 2019, Anele's studied landscape architecture at an undergrad level at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Anele has interned at Square One Landscape Architects since 2017. He is inspired by how nature and design work together to create meaningful and multi-functional spaces that can be enjoyed by communities.

Abi profile pic.JPG

Abi Sendall

Abi is a Marine Biologist & Oceanographer, with a passion for oceanic systems and the natural environment. Whilst nearing the end of her undergraduate studies in the UCT science faculty, Abi discovered the field of Landscape architecture. During her career in landscape architecture, Abi hopes to create Nature-based Solutions for societal challenges that harness the natural world to benefit the environment, the economy, and society. When she’s not busy tackling complicated environmental and societal pinch-points, you will probably find Abi at home baking some tasty treats.

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