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Roderick Farrenkothen

Sensing sweet waters: Establishing a social access to the sensorial and basic need of water through Cape Town's public space for an enhanced well-being performance

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this city
of wonder and celebration to outward beauty 
but an inward reality that speaks to
urban override of history
& landscape

and in turn its connection to that for which it is celebrated - 
from the mountain that shows us the cosmos
the forest that romances and reveals
and the river that guides and cleanses

wonders that serve now as signposts for dislocation, inaccessibility, urbanisation
that present a hidden perception of stories forgotten

these stories however remain
untold in voice,
but seen in reclamation of the shore,
or of sweet rivers,
which bore the beginning of our written histories 
a colonial adoption and racial segregation
that separated our connection to

these sweet waters,
that to which the Khoi first called our home - 
our Camissa forgotten.

from river to canal to buried under road
that which gave life has been overridden,
a story that if remembered
could serve a well-being of its occupying citizens 
from street to cushy home - dissociated

o’ how the benefit that natural can provide in recall 
engaging a life speaking to
the positive sensory perception and experience, 
the cleanse,
that sweet waters, the mountain and the sea - 
to romance, cosmos and heavens

of place that serves all

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